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Month: July, 2011

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Small is Beautiful

Practical Action

Another side of your founder’s legacy.

Archive on 4: Schumacher’s Big Society

Did EF Schumacher’s landmark book Small is Beautiful inspire David Cameron’s big idea?

    • What a fascinating documentary. Jonathan Porritt is an excellent presenter and I think I fell in love with Schumacher hearing him speak with such charm, humour, humility and of course genius. I wish my lecturers at uni could have ‘touched the hem of his garment’. And of course great hearing him speak about your organisation as well reaffirms why I love to support the work you do. Thank you one and all! And just to add hearing Beckerman speak is it any wonder conventional/traditional economists have such a bad reputation. I think the world would be a better place if more people followed EF’s school of thought.

A Poetic Tribute to the Shark

Shark Fin Soup

Cut the wings from every bird,

Swan and dove and owl and eagle,

Making sure they live and breath,

Ignore the fact that it’s illegal.

Hack the hooves from living deer,

Horses, goats and antelopes,

Never mind the pain nor fear,

Hold them down with hooks and ropes.

Snip the paws from cats and dogs,

Lions, tigers, bears and foxes,

Chop the trunks from elephants

And pack them all in cardboard boxes.

Lop the limbs from ring-tailed limas,

Gorillas, bats and chimpanzees,

Tape their mouths to stop them screaming;

Send them back into the trees.

Catch the sharks of every sort,

Remove their fins then throw them back.

Watch them die without a thought,

For you’ll be paid for each attack.

Now cast these trophies into pans,

Tail, finger, fin and feather.

Sell the soup to wealthy men.

Forget the meaning of ‘Forever’.

Forget the crimes that you unfurled,

Forget the beauty of the creatures

Gone forever from our world.

~Andrew CH Howard~

Where you run is where you hide,

Better hope you’re hiding well

Cause when the angel catches you

You know you’re damned to Hell

Damned to Hell is what you are

Can you hear the Church Bells toll

and all the money in the world

Can’t save your sorry soul.

And when you reach the Pearly Gates

And Peter reads your tale

He’ll send you back from whence you came

Back to your living Hell

Damned to Hell is what you are

Can you hear the Church Bells toll

And all the money you have made

Can’t save your sorry Soul.

And I believe there comes a time,

When justice does prevail.

It may not be in my lifetime,

for you that’s just as well.

Damned to Hell is what you are

Can you hear the Church Bells toll

And all the money you have made

Can’t save your sorry soul…

H/T Brittiny Perkins

Phone Hacking and British Society and the Establishment

Holy crap on a stick. When will this end? The feelings at this scandal-saga vary from tears to anger to nauseated disgust to bewilderment to apathy to… who knows? Maybe something like horror and possibly if not probably worst of all is the sense of disappointment and betrayal at seeing what the establishment is really like, with the endemic corruption laid bare and the whole system ripped raw wide open for all to see and the sense that there’s no escape or anywhere to turn for the wider public who’d like things to be different…